Genuine Verilux CFML27VLX Natural Spectrum Bulb | 1715 Lumens, 6500K - 2

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  • Genuine Verilux Natural Spectrum bulb allows the eye to respond more efficiently, improving visual a
  • Manufactured to the Highest Quality Available.
  • Design is stylish and innovative. Satisfaction Ensured.

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Genuine Verilux CFML27VLX Natural Spectrum Bulb | 1715 Lumens, 6500K

Genuine Verilux CFML27VLX Natural Spectrum Bulb | 1715 Lumens, 6500K

Genuine Verilux CFML27VLX Natural Spectrum Bulb | 1715 Lumens, 6500K

Genuine Verilux CFML27VLX Natural Spectrum Bulb | 1715 Lumens, 6500K

From the manufacturer

Keep your Verilux lamp a Verilux lamp!
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Verilux Natural Spectrum CFML27VLX replacement bulb.

— Read faster with greater comprehension.

— Study longer without glare eyestrain or fatigue.

— Work smarter with improved focus and productivity.

Why buy Verilux?

Lamps may have different styles and features, but all Verilux floor and desk lamps have one thing in common: They all provide Verilux’s patented Natural Spectrum illumination. When you see your work or the page of a book more clearly and can read longer with less fatigue, it’s thanks to the Verilux Natural Spectrum illumination in your Verilux lamp.

Other fluorescent bulbs may have a high color temperature and seem similar, but it’s important to know they all have phosphors that coat the inside of the glass. Unlike bulbs from other manufacturers, Verilux bulbs use a fine grade of phosphors refined by scientists at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. As the electric current excites this Verilux-exclusive combination of fine-grade phosphors, they produce specific wavelengths of light. When these wavelengths fluoresce together, the result is a beautiful white light: the Natural Spectrum illumination found in our products.

So, to keep your lamp providing you with the same quality of light that motivated you to buy it in the first place, use only Verilux replacement bulbs. They’re more expensive, but, as with just about anything, quality costs more. And, given the expected long life of a Verilux bulb, the additional cost to you is likely less than a half-cent a day. We believe that’s a small premium to pay to live life in a better light.

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Young man reading textbook by light of a Verilux SmartLight lamp.

Product Details

  • Product Dimensions: 3” x 1” x 6”

  • Weight: 3.2 oz.

  • Shipping Weight: 4.0 oz.

Why Natural Spectrum?

Not all light is created equal!

The eye evolved to work efficiently in natural light. Conventional artificial light light stimulates only some of the eye’s photoreceptors, so the eye works harder to see and focus. This results in glare, eyestrain and fatigue. Verilux Natural Spectrum light properly stimulates all of the photoreceptors in the eye, so they work more efficiently. A better functioning eye is more relaxed, resulting in a smaller pupil that can better focus light. The results are increased visual acuity and better processing for longer periods.

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Verilux Logo

About Verilux

Founded in 1956, Verilux, Inc., ‘The Healthy Lighting Company,’ is a pioneer in the design and manufacture of lifestyle products that utilize Natural Spectrum lighting technology. The company offers a wide range of high-quality home, office, and travel products engineered to improve vision, alleviate the symptoms of seasonal light changes and the winter blues, aid in sleeping, and sanitize surfaces without the use of chemicals. Verilux – the name means ‘true light’ in Latin – is committed to supporting balanced and healthy lifestyles that benefit everyone and the world around us. Verilux calls this ‘life in a better light’.

What the Pros Say:

  • Reading speeds increased by 20 percent in an analysis of 45- to 55-year-olds using lighting in the Natural Spectrum range.

  • A study of 61- to 66-year olds showed significant improvement in visual performance using lighting comparable to the Verilux Original Natural Spectrum lamp.

  • An analysis of lighting in schools reported that students have higher rates of achievement with less stress and better attendance in classrooms lit in the Natural Spectrum range.

  • Use of Natural Spectrum lighting in a school setting increased visual acuity (clarity and sharpness of letters) for more than 88 percent of study participants.
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Model Number(s)

Desk: VD03FF1, VD03GG1, VD01AA1, VD01BB1, VD01DD1; Floor: VF03FF1, VF03GG1, VF01AA1, VF01BB1, VF01DD1

VC01AA1, VC01BB1, VC01HH1

Desk: HED1; Floor: HEF1, HEF2; Clamp: HEC1

Portable: VP02AA1, VP02BB1, VP02MM1; Desk: VD12BB1, VD12WW1

Floor: VF02AA1, VF02BB1; Desk: VD07SB1

Floor: VF05NA1; Desk: VD05BA1, VD05NA1, VD06BA1, VD06NA1

Product description

Item Package Quantity:1

Only a genuine verilux bulb fits in the socket of a verilux lamp. The lamp must have the name Verilux on it. If it does not, the light bulb will not fit properly. This patented 27 watts bulb is uniquely designed for verilux lamps but can also fit several other brands of lamps designed to deliver 150 watts of full spectrum lighting. Lasting up to 10,000 hours, this bulb contains a special blend of earth phosphors to produce a pure, naturally soothing light that improves contrast, color brilliance and visual focus. This verilux natural spectrum bulb makes reading and other tasks more efficient and enjoyable. Often times customers believe they have inserted the bulb all the way into the socket and often times they have not. When inserted properly there will be an audible click that can be heard.

The Verilux bulb is compatible with the following Verilux branded lamps:

  • Heritage Deluxe Desk & Floor Lamp – VD03FF1, VD03GG1, VF03GG1, VF03FF1
  • Original Deluxe Floor – VF01AA1, VF01BB1, VF01DD1
  • Desk and Clamp Lamps – VD01AA1, VD01BB1, VD01DD1, VC01AA1, VC01BB1
  • SmartLight VD12BB1 and VD12WW1
  • Portable Lamp – VP02
  • EasyFlex® Floor Lamp – VF02AA1, VF02BB1
  • Modern, Princeton, Princeton Executive and Shelburne Desk Lamps – VD07SB1, VD05 series, VD06 series
  • Princeton and Shelburne Floor Lamp – VF05 Series
  • HappyEyes® & HappyEyes® Deluxe Floor, Desk and Clamp Lamps

Item Package Quantity

1, 2

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